Welcome to the house among the cactuses

‘DESERT FLOWERS’ is out NOW in the United States, UK, Australia and Canada. So today is the day when I can finally open the door to the house where my new novel takes place. A house lost in the remote landscape of the Baja California Desert, Mexico, where an American family has decided to build its home.

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My new book is on its way

My third novel is on its way. I suddenly realised it last night when I saw it added to the Amazon site, with its very own page. I’ve worked on this novel since 2015, lived with its characters for nearly two years now, but it was yesterday when, in a sense, it first proved its existence to the world. It’s nothing more than a landing page—there’s not even a cover or a blurb on it yet—but it does reveal the title. Yesterday, only editor, translator and I knew about it. Today it’s official and public: DESERT FLOWERS is my upcoming new novel. Hard as rock and sand, tender as a cactus bloom. Mysterious as an animal skull reflecting the desert moonlight. Read more